Helping women understand and target the root causes of their health issues and experience deep healing.




Personalized Coaching

Individualized educational and coaching sessions designed to meet your specific needs. Personalized coaching is perfect for those who want to transform their health but need someone to guide them on their journey. If you are committed to getting to the root of your health issues and making the necessary changes to reclaim your vitality, your path begins here.

Gut Health Restoration

Hippocrates said that “all disease begins in the gut”. What was true over two thousand years ago is even more true today. Our modern world puts more stress on our gut than Hippocrates could have ever imagined. Gut restoration is often the first and most critical step toward transforming your health.

Nutrition for You

Food is our greatest medicine but it can also be a powerful toxin. Even the healthiest of foods may not be healthy for you. Food sensitivities are almost impossible to detect by symptoms alone and, left unaddressed, can wreak havoc on gut health and set the stage for chronic disease.

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Functional Nutrition

A holistic method of investigation into the root causes of symptoms and disease. Customized healing strategies address the five pillars of health: nutrition, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation. There is no “one size fits all” solution. You deserve healing strategies that meet your unique needs.

Whitney O. Morgan, L.Ac., FDN-P, PHC, CGP

Whitney O. Morgan, L.Ac., FDN-P, PHC, CGP

I help my clients stop the cycle of chasing symptoms and get to the root of their health complaints. I work with people from all over the country. Private sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone. All necessary test kits and supplements are shipped directly to you.

Working with Whitney has truly changed my life - in all the best ways possible. From day one she knew just what needed to happen to improve my health - with absolutely no judgments for the way I was eating. Her knowledge of how to take care of our bodies is impressive - she knows her stuff! Whitney went above and beyond to help me understand test results as they came back and was always responsive to questions and concerns along the way. I can’t recommend her enough - the only regret I have is not calling her sooner!
— Jenny K

Begin Your Journey

We each have a unique path back to health and wellness. And along every path there are obstacles and unfamiliar terrain. Having a guide beside you makes all the difference.


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