Functional Healing…Primal Principles


Symptoms are important, but they are not the problem. There are always hidden imbalances that reside at a deeper level. Personalized health protocols based on functional and primal principles allow you to stop chasing symptoms and start healing at the deepest levels.


The Functional Model

The functional model is nothing new. Over two thousand years ago, Chinese doctors tended to the health of their patients much like an arborist tends to an oak tree. The arborist knows that a tree’s vitality is expressed through the leaves and branches but that the source of vitality comes from the roots and soil. When a tree is diseased, the first signs appear in the branches. Though the tree may require some pruning here and there, the arborist must address the imbalances in the soil for the tree to thrive. This perspective is referred to as the root and branch philosophy and it is the foundation of Chinese medicine.

Much like the ancient Chinese healers before them, functional nutrition practitioners are not in the business of just alleviating symptoms. Instead, we seek to uncover the underlying imbalances and hidden dysfunctions that are at the root of a person’s symptoms. Functional nutrition practitioners understand that by the time a person experiences symptoms, up to 50% of core function may already be compromised. Although symptom relief is important, the primary focus should be the restoration of 100% of core function. When the body is functioning at full capacity, symptoms tend to fall away on their own.

In my functional practice, I develop holistic healing protocols for my clients; drawing on my experience as a Primal Health Coach, a Certified Gluten Practitioner, and a member of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Professionals

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